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  • There comes a time in everyone’s life where you ask the important questions. One of those questions: “Is this all there is?” The answer to that question takes more than a black and white answer. There are many things that must be considered.

    If we are not aware of the role models we had and the demons they fought, then we may not be aware of the stories and beliefs that were given us. Those stories and beliefs mold the lenses that we perceive and respond to life situations. They affect our feelings and reactions.

    Have you ever thought, “I will never be like my parents!” and then find yourself using the same words, phrases, and reactions? Have you found that your economic situation is not that dissimilar to your parents or significant caregivers? Have you found that as you get older, your dreams seem to vanish like fog, and you have given up or settled? Do you think nothing is going to change for the better? Do you question why your friendships and relationships seem to be shallow or lack a vibrancy that challenges you to grow? When was the last time you felt passion about your life or felt like you were growing and contributing to yourself and your community? Have you ever told someone that you are “spiritual but not religious”? When was the last time you actually felt like you learned something useful about yourself? Does judgment, guilt, and shame rule your life? Are you trapped in a role that you don’t feel you chose? Do you look outside of yourself for being “good enough”? Ever wonder why you give and give and it seems that nothing flows back your way?

    Brain sciences indicate that by the age of 8 years old, you have put down over 85% of the neural pathways that you are using as an adult NOW. Things that you interpreted, experienced, believed, made up a story about, etc. came from that period of time. “What if” those situations, beliefs, feelings were wrong? “What if” those experiences were MIS-interpreted?

    You are living 85% of those “truths” now. Maybe it’s time to explore a new way of seeing your life. Maybe it is time to explore new tools in your life tool box and begin using them in a way that is supportive of you living a vibrant life?

    Human beings do not like change. So to accomplish that change, it has to happen in a supportive, non judgmental environment.

    I have decades of experience in this work. You are in good hands, until you are ready to venture out on your own. You will be empowered to find your own definition of happiness.