Human Learning

“Consequences lead to Confidence”   When you learn from your lessons, there is no need to repeat the lesson.


“You can be right, or you can be loved.  Choose”  The unfortunate part is that most people want to be loved, but will choose to be right. Choosing to be right keeps them locked in the battle of who is the bigger victim. Also, when we choose to be loved, the response is seldom immediate. The other person still might be in “bigger victim” mode, and it takes time to adjust. The good part is that over time, you have less and less conflict, less and less isolation, less and less thought and situations where you do not experience being loved.

It is pretty rare to actually here the following words  “wow, you are absolutely right from your perspective. I am going to choose to be loved here.”  You love yourself by choosing to end the conflict.  No need to be right, or the bigger victim.

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